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Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - Fighting and Onions

CD – Fighting and Onions by Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

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Released in 2005 on S.A.P Records

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Released in 2005 on S.A.P Records

Track listing:

1. Stay Here For Awhile

2. Buried Them In Water

3. Special Rider

4. Oh Sorrow

5.  Weasel

6. Look Up Look Down That Lonesome Road

7. North Country Grass

8. Preaching Blues

9. Vinegar & Piss

10. Table O’ the Lord

11. Bouncin’ Betty

12. Come Along With Me

13. Death Don’t Have No Mercy

14. Lighten Up, Would Ya?

15. Lousy Drunk

16. Things I Forgot

17. Not Too Bad

18. Stay Here Far Awhile