My name is Nick and I am addicted to vinyl.

When I was five I got my first tape deck, and I would listen to Beat It by Michael Jackson over and over, absorbing the guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen. That song changed my life and it was then I realized that music would play a big part in the way I lived my life forever. I’ve been chasing the audio dragon ever since.

Growing up digging through my father’s records I discovered Queen, The Beatles and Black Sabbath. Man, I played the hell out of the White Album. It only fueled the fire and I needed more. I remember the day my dad took me to a used record store to buy my first record, Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits, I was only 9 or 10 but the foundation was there for me to be a lifelong crate digger. Eventually I would find new music that would speak directly to me, and that my father wouldn’t understand. I would keep a musical bond with my father, but also discover myself through music. The first new vinyl record I bought was at an independent record store in Quebec City when I was 17. I bought NOFX Heavy Petting Zoo; nope dad was not going to like this at all, PERFECT.

When I was old enough to work I would spend nearly all of my pay cheque on CDs. I would eventually own hundreds of CDs. The CD, it appeared had replaces the LP, but the CD was destined for a short reign. It didn’t take long to be replaced by digital music. The music fit on my iPod and I was off. The CDs left cast aside by a more convenient medium.

For a short time I was happy. I was happy with the small device tucked into my pocket with a vast music library in its memory. What about my memory? Why wasn’t I satisfied?  Something was missing. Where was the album artwork, the lyrics, the credits and thank you s, stickers, and posters, the touch, and the smell. Something had to be done. There was a connection that I felt with the music that was being lost.

Take your ear buds out, and connect with your surroundings. Hold it in your hands and feel the life that someone has put into the 12 inch circle, and the art on the square jacket. Reconnect with the love of music.